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If you want to disable read receipts in WhatsApp, you are not alone. There are plenty of other tricks, too. You can also export media content from your chats. You can even add contacts to your desktop without creating a group.


So, if you’re looking for the best tips for WhatsApp, this article will help you do that. Also, read on to learn about a few useful apps for WhatsApp.Disable read receipts in WhatsApp Disable read receipts in WhatsApp Open Chat app allows you to hide your status updates and chats from others. While you may not like this compromise, you may feel better not


 knowing when someone reads your messages.This feature will only hide your chats if the recipient has disabled read receipts in the settings. Luckily, you can disable this feature for specific chats, but it’s not foolproof.To disable read receipts, go to your global settings. On Android, click on the three dots. Tap Account, Privacy, and Read receipts. Scroll down to “Read receipts” and turn it off.


The blue checkmarks will no longer be displayed when you have read someone else’s message. In group chats, the double checkmarks will still appear. This will prevent others from knowing when they have read your message.Exporting media content from WhatsApp Download 


You can export the media content of WhatsApp conversations as a TXT file. Each file contains the names, timestamps, and media files you’ve shared. You can export individual messages or entire groups. Exporting messages from WhatsApp can be an excellent way to preserve a conversation’s history. You can also choose to keep certain chats, such as group chats, for future reference.


This method is very convenient, but you’ll want to consider its security and privacy before implementing it.To export media content from WhatsApp, first make sure the app is running. If it is on an iOS device, you need to tap the WhatsApp app. Next, select the WhatsApp folder. In the WhatsApp folder, there will be a Media folder


Then, right-click the selected folder and choose Copy. Then, create a new folder, paste the copied files into it.Creating a group chat without creating a group Creating a group chat on WhatsApp is as simple as opening the chat app and selecting the contacts you’d like to add. When you’ve finished selecting contacts, a green checkmark will appear next to each one.


You can start chatting without creating a group by archiving the group. This option doesn’t delete the group from WhatsApp, but it will let you access the messages in the group later.Once you’ve completed the steps for creating a group, you can invite others. To invite others, you can type a link or enter the individual’s name. Then, tap the link and share it with the other participants. After they accept, they’ll get a notification and can join the group. Download 


You can also choose the type of group members. You can invite friends, colleagues, and other people via the group link. Adding contacts to your desktop Adding contacts to your desktop with WhatsApp Open chat app is quite easy. All you need to do is to sign up for an account on your mobile device and enter your email ID and phone number.


Once you have done that, you can then select the option to sync your contacts. Now you can see all the contacts you’ve been messaging. To do this, you will need to install the Chrome Extension.Firstly, open your WhatsApp application. Select the ‘Add Contact’ option on the top-right corner of the screen. Enter the contact’s name, mobile number, and other details and save the new contact. WhatsApp will prompt you with a pop-up asking you if you want to add the contact to your contacts list. You can also choose to add the contact to an existing chat.


Once you’ve saved the contact, you can then view it and share it with others.Changing WhatsApp’s wallpaper Changing WhatsApp’s background image is easy. The first step is to open the application and locate the options menu (three dots in the top right corner of the screen). Tap on “wallpaper,” which will reveal a drop-down list of options. Select the picture you want to use as the background image for WhatsApp. After choosing the image, the preview screen will appear, and you can move it to the correct location.


Next, tap “Set Wallpaper” and the new wallpaper will be displayed in the chat window.Changing WhatsApp’s wallpaper is easy and will not affect your conversations. You can change the background for one chat or all conversations. You can choose from the various pre-set background images or upload your own image.


This way, you can make your chats look more personal, or simply add a funny picture to the background. Changing WhatsApp’s wallpaper is also a great way to personalize your chat experience. You can also use a picture that you have taken yourself and set as your background.

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