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WhatsApp New Update – New Features That Will Change the Way You Communicate With Your Friends and Family
WhatsApp New Update New Features
In this article, we’ll look at new features added in the recent WhatsApp update.

These include the ability to pause and resume recording of voice messages, Out of chat playback, and WhatsApp Payments. In addition, we’ll look at some of the new features that you can expect to see in the coming days.

Continue reading to find out more about these new features and how they will change how you communicate with your friends and family.WhatsApp Payments feature WhatsApp is testing the Payments feature in the Indian market. It uses the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) program to enable secure, seamless money transfers.


WhatsApp is yet to officially announce this feature, but the payments option is visible in the attachment menu, and you can tap on it to send money to a contact. Once enabled, users will see the new ‘Payments’ tab in the app’s settings. This feature allows users to send money to their friends and family using WhatsApp. It works in real time and is supported by 227 banks. WhatsApp has appointed Manesh Mahatme as head of its payments business in India.


Previously, he had spent seven years at Amazon Pay India and four years at Airtel Money. The new feature is now available for Android and iOS users. It is expected to roll out globally within the next few months. Draft preview feature The Draft preview feature allows users to listen to a voice message before they send it to their friends. It has also recently been introduced to voice notes so that users can pause or resume recording while in the middle of their message.


Similarly, the new version of WhatsApp allows users to listen to voice notes before they send them. The feature is already available in some beta versions of the iOS platform, though some users have already tried it.WhatsApp is also working on a few features that make voice messages better. The new feature lets you resume or pause recording a voice message so that you can continue to write the message later.


You can also see waveforms of your messages, which will make them easier to read when you have to write a long message. The Draft preview feature allows you to listen to a voice message before you send it. You can also check out who wrote it before you send it. Download 

Ability to pause and resume recording of voice messages
WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for voice messages: the ability to pause and resume recording. While you’re recording a message, you can pause it, read what you said, and then resume recording. The pause button replaces the stop button, which forced you to listen to the entire message before sending it.

However, you can resume recording at any time. This feature was introduced in January for iOS users, but hasn’t yet made its way to the general Android audience.When the new feature is released, WhatsApp will let users pause and resume recording of voice notes. It is unclear how long it will take for the feature to reach all users.


However, once the feature is released, you’ll be able to access additional recording features. Once you’ve hit the Pause icon, you can listen to your recorded message to determine whether it was recorded properly or not. If so, you can resume recording the voice message if you’re still happy with it.

Out of chat playback
WhatsApp has just added a new feature for voice messages: out of chat playback. This feature allows you to listen to voice messages while reading other chats or replying to another chat. However, you must be aware that voice messages will stop playing once you switch back to the chat screen or switch to another application.


To resume playing the voice message, you can swipe up from the bottom of the app. In the meantime, you can play it back by hitting the Play button again.The new feature is designed to give you more time to multitask while listening to voice messages. If you are using WhatsApp for business purposes, you’ll find this useful, as it will allow you to listen to long messages without having to reopen your chat.


The out of chat playback feature also prevents voice messages from running in the background if you’re not using the app. Originally dubbed the global voice message player, this feature was rolled out to some iPhone users last month. While it’s not available for desktop users, you can expect a version of this feature soon.

Global voice note player
One of the latest changes to the chat application is the global voice note player, which is rolling out to iOS and Android beta testers. Before, users could only listen to voice notes when they were in the same chat, but the new feature allows users to listen to voice notes in any conversation.


In addition, it also lets users switch from one chat to another without having to quit the app. Users can now even listen to their voice notes while responding to texts.In addition to the global voice note player, WhatsApp is expanding its feature set. The feature is already available on the iOS beta, as reported by WaBetainfo, but it’s not available on the desktop app yet. However, this feature is expected to be added to the regular app soon. Let’s take a closer look at the update.


It’s available in beta on iOS 22.1.72 and WhatsApp Business for iOS.

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