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The Chinese version of the social networking platform has more than 600 million active users. This is a significant number, but the company is not revealing the number of Chinese users. For comparison, Facebook has 2.85 billion monthly active users. In March,


TikTok was expected to reach one billion MAUs, which would represent more than half of the user base.And this is only the beginning. As more countries adopt TikTok, the revenue from Chinese users will continue to rise.


Influencers Among the most popular influencers on Chinese and Asian versions of TikTok is Crazy Xiaoyangge, a famous Taiwanese vlogger with 65 million followers. In second place is Ares Cheng and his wife, with 51 million followers each.


Another influential person in Asia is Austin Li Jiaqi, a Chinese salesman who made his name selling lipsticks on live streams on Taobao in 2017 .Vippi Media, an American company that recruits influencers for advertisements, is also accused of monetizing content on Chinese and Asian sites.


The company paid influencers $300,000 in exchange for their posts. The Chinese consulate in New York did not provide AP with copies of the paid posts. The company declined to discuss the specific details of the influencers’ posts.The popularity of TikTok is also a factor in lower-income countries. According to statistics, 18% of the users of TikTok come from low-income households.


Of course, these numbers exclude users under the age of 18, but many of these households may be student flats. According to a survey by WeAreSocial, females make up a majority of followers of TikTok. Indonesia and the Philippines have a particularly high female dominance compared to males.


While the CCP does not claim to control TikTok, it does control the information flow across languages and regions. This means that the Chinese government is likely to exert some influence over it, especially when it comes to content moderation and line adherence.


TikTok has also grown in popularity in China. Ultimately, TikTok is a tool that can be used to influence public opinion.
Localized approaches The rise of TikTok overseas coincided with the traction-gaining in China. ByteDance, a Chinese online entertainment company, has made heavy investments in TikTok, hoping to generate even greater profits and grow the company globally.


However, the company has faced significant challenges in overseas markets, especially when it comes to mobile advertising. In Tokyo, the founders of the video app first rented a tiny office in the crowded and sleepless Shibuya district. Download 

Bytedance is working to bring the same design and technology to its overseas markets. Bytedance calls this “going global with technologies”. Products built on strong technologies can be easily adapted and smooth out cultural differences. For instance, all versions of Tik Tok have the same design and technology.


This includes video analytics, facial keypoint detection, and automatic cover image selection. As a result, Tik Tok’s growth overseas has coincided with the launch of similar features in Asia and China.

Douyin and TikTok can copy these successful strategies. Douyin offers a range of value-added videos up to 5 minutes, making it possible for the two platforms to co-exist harmoniously. Douyin also enables professional short video production firms to analyze user performances,


write dialogue scripts, and prepare props and costumes for the content. These localized approaches can help TikTok attract advertisers from across the world.


it does not have the same privacy controls. In addition, both services offer search censorship features. However, they differ in how much they share data with one another. However, there are some differences between the two apps.


If you’ve ever visited China or Asia, you may have noticed that video sharing websites are not exactly free. In fact, TikTok’s revenue is only a fraction of that amount. Its revenue comes from three main sources: ads, in-app purchases, and affiliate revenue. In this article, we’ll discuss the three main revenue streams and how TikTok makes money.

The first thing to note about TikTok’s international growth is its expanding support base. Not only is it popular in China and India, but it is also available in 75 languages. In 2020, the Chinese version of the app will account for 80 percent of the revenue,


while the US version will account for 8% of revenue. According to the latest official report, TikTok will generate over $8 billion in revenue, making it one of the most popular social networks in the world.



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