How To Check Own Sim Number On CNIC


How To Check Sim Number On My Own CNIC
How To Check Sim Number On My Own CNIC There is a legal way to find out how many SIMs are registered against your CNIC. This can be done by dialing 345 or by sending a blank text message to 7751. However, if you don’t know the IVN of your SIM card, you can ask the retailer or operator.

There are some limitations on the number of SIMs that can be registered against your CNIC.How to check the number of active SIMs on your CNICYou may be wondering how to check the number of active SIMs on yourself. There are two simple ways to find out this information. First, you can send an SMS to the number 668.


This will give you a list of registered numbers along with the mobile company they are registered with. Once you’ve located the information you’re looking for, you can check whether it’s accurate or not.The second way is to visit the PTA SIM Information Website.

This website allows you to see the number of SIM cards registered under your CNIC. You’ll need to input some personal information and your CNIC number.


Once you’ve entered all of that information, you can view a list of registered SIMs in your name. These will be listed by operator and linked to your CNIC. You can then send a text message to the same number to find out how many of those SIMs are currently active.

Limitations on the number of SIMs that can be registered against your CNIC There is a limit on the number of SIM cards that can be registered against your CNIC, which was recently announced by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. This means that if you already have five or more SIM cards registered against your CNIC,

you should block your previous one in order to maintain the maximum limit per personal identifier.To check how many SIM cards you have registered against your CNIC, go to the PTA SIM Registration Website and enter your CNIC number. This website will show you the total number of registered SIMs and will break down the history by service provider.In the past year,

the government introduced a biometric verification system and the number of registered SIMs decreased to 114 million from 140 million. Download

But this restriction hasn’t been relaxed for long. Earlier, the government had allowed users to register up to five data-only SIMs against their CNICs. Hence, cellular operators were keen on removing the limit and are now allowed to issue up to three Data SIMs on one CNIC.

Unregistered SIM card is a crime An unregistered SIM card is illegal in Kenya. Criminals, terrorists and other illegal users can use such cards to evade detection. This is why it is imperative that all SIM cards be registered.

It will help the government track these crimes and prevent them from occurring.But not all Kenyans have taken up the registration call. Nairobi News reports that lines were long in registration centres as the deadline is just nine days away.The NCC executive vice chairman, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, has called for solutions to the problem of unregistered SIM cards.

In a recent meeting with service providers, the NCC revealed the rot that existed in the industry.According to his report, more than 9% of the 119 million active GSM SIM cards were unregistered.Many unregistered SIMs contained strange data and were often used by kidnappers. Moreover, despite the legal framework in place, criminals took advantage of the unregistered SIM card.

Finding the name of the SIM owner Finding the name of the SIM owner on your mobile number is necessary if you want to change your SIM card or want to upgrade your phone.However, there are many ways to find out who owns the SIM. In some cases, you might have to make a legal request. In such a case, you should follow some legal procedures to find out who owns the SIM.

The following are some legal ways to find the SIM owner on your own CNIC:SMS – If you have a SIM card, you can try to find out who owns it by SMS. However, this may be difficult to do if you do not have the name of the SIM owner. You can do this by sending a blank SMS to 667. Be sure to send the SMS from the SIM that you have.

This is important because it could potentially expose your personal information to third parties.


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