Amazing Tips & Tricks For WhatsApp


Amazing Tips & Tricks For WhatsApp

If you want to be a more productive member
of a WhatsApp group, here are some new tricks to make your life easier. Learn how to mute a group, send a voice note, and add stickers to your messages. Plus, learn how to change your phone number on WhatsApp without losing any data!

How to mute a group on WhatsApp

Muting a group on WhatsApp is an easy way to turn off notifications from a group chat. You can do this by tapping and holding the group you want to mute. Once you
do this, the speaker icon will no longer have a line through it, but instead, will have sound waves coming out of it.

You can then tap to remove the speaker icon and
mute the group. However, you should keep in mind that muting a group chat will not prevent you from receiving new messages, so you should do it as soon as you know that you have received a new message from the group.

Once you have opened the WhatsApp application, find the group you want to mute. From here, you can customize your notifications. You can enable custom notification sounds. You can also choose to silence the group for a certain period of time.

You can choose from eight hours, a week, or even forever.
How to send a voice note on WhatsApp Unlike text messages, WhatsApp allows you to send audio clips to other users. This
feature is great for letting you quickly and easily share important details.

You can preview the audio message before sending it, which helps you to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. It also makes it easier for recipients to understand
the message. To record and send audio files, you must have access to your phone’s microphone.

This feature is available in individual chats as well as group chats. Tap the voice message box and speak for a few seconds to record it. Once finished, you can send
it or delete it.

If you can’t send a voice message, the first step is to check your internet connection.

The WhatsApp application requires a good and stable network connection to work properly. If your connection is weak, try switching networks.

How to add stickers to your WhatsApp messages

You can add stickers to your WhatsApp messages with a couple of simple steps.First, open the WhatsApp app. Then, press the + icon at the top right of your screen.
This will open the sticker packs section. Tap the + icon to add the stickers to your message.

You can now select the stickers you wish to add and send them to other users. Once you’ve found your favorite stickers, choose to send them to friends and family.
You can also save them on your device. You can also add stickers to your WhatsApp Download

messages by using third-party applications. The apps can add stickers to your WhatsApp messages so that your friends and family can see them. After you’ve downloaded the stickers, you can move them around and add them to your messages.

You can also remove individual stickers by using the corresponding icons. If you don’t like the stickers that are already on your phone, you can delete them from your WhatsApp messages.

To delete a sticker, press the corresponding icon twice. Alternatively, you can re-download new stickers to your phone using the desktop version of WhatsApp.

How to change your phone number on WhatsApp
without losing data

WhatsApp has an option that lets you change your phone number without losing data. This feature is available under the Settings menu and allows you to change your number without losing all of your previous chats. It also allows you to update your settings and notify your contacts of the new number.

You must first have the WhatsApp app installed on your device. This green-colored software has a white chat
bubble and a call icon in the center. You can download WhatsApp from the Google PlayStore for Android users or the AppStore for Mac users.

The next step in changing your phone number on WhatsApp is to take a backup of your old phone. This will help you transfer your previous chats back to your new phone. Make sure to also backup your old WhatsApp so that you can regain any previous conversations.

After backing up your data, log into WhatsApp on your new
phone and go to Settings. On an Android device, you will find the settings menu at the top of your screen. Then, tap on “Change Number” to change your phone number. Once you’re done, your account info and groups will appear on the screen.

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