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What’s Group Link is one of the newest scams to hit the Internet. Its pretty much just a fancy way for some guy in some country to make some money off of you by selling your email address.

To scammers, spammers and hackers who will use your info to cause chaos and send spam emails to all of your friends and family.

The whole idea behind “What’s Group Link” is that you give them your email address in exchange for something free.

However, if you get caught in this scam you are usually out of luck because there are no real products or services behind it.

Basically, the person on the other end of these emails is a phishing attempt. They pretend to be a legitimate company or person who is offering a free download of some program.

After you enter your information, they will try to get you to buy an “upgrade” program that they claim will keep you protected from “spam bots” and hackers who want to steal your personal information.

The only thing that you will actually gain in the end is a useless and embarrassing email address, not to mention the headache that comes with trying to remove these guys from your contact list.

There are some people who have found some decent information by checking through the “Contact Us” section of “What’s Group”.

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There are also several links which are listed with some of the largest forums on the web.

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