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Create unlimited anonymous email addresses with the push of a button!


First, no part of your content is accessible because you must first log in with your email address. Why do I need to provide my email address for free? Wantto try the new service, but don’t use your original email address?


We will help you keep your main mailbox clean!


– Install Spambox and create an anonymous email address that you can safely use for internet forms, app signatures, and places where you want to protect your privacy.

One-click installation, no questions asked. Your spam email address is not as temporary as other services. Your address will remain the same until the app is installed!


RR is free, no ads


No annoying ads


Stop Spam Spam


Protect your privacy





This app is an enhanced version of the free Lightweight and ED services: 10 Minute Email, Guerrilla Mail, Melinator, Temporary Mail, Kettle Mail, Throwmail, Template, Burnmail, and many more.


Keep your original mailbox clean. Get a one-way email address temporarily.

With the Temporary Email application, you can instantly create a disposable temporary email address and receive instant emails with photos or other attachments.


Forget sharing your original email with everyone. This leads to endless spam, commercial email, email hacking, and phishing attempts.


Keep your original mailbox clean and safe. Temporary Mail provides a free, ten-minute, temporary, anonymous email address.


Why use temporary mail?


Spam is hidden from spam  No registration required  Create an email that is temporarily available  Protect your privacy and anonymity by not allowing spam in your personal inbox


Get multiple or unique links that can be downloaded from multiple emails Many languages All emails will always be safely The temporary email program allows you to:


Email Create a new email address immediately Copy to CL clipboard or use QR code Receive emails and attachments automatically


Email Receive automatic notifications about new emails Read incoming emails with inked links  Download sources with Source Link


Delete email and / or quickly create a new email address Get access to additional features, including premium:





Email Custom Email Name


Send email to multiple mailboxes


View app email


Premium domains


Email Extensive email storage


If you choose to purchase a temporary mail premium, your Google account will be charged and you will need to renew your account within 24 hours of your current account

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