Blitize Play esports Tournament & Matches

Blitz Play, an eSports site for competitors.

Blitzplay currently offers 3 games. PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty & Free Fire, others coming soon.

Participate in competitions:

Home Games You can participate in games or competitions by choosing. Choose the type you want to join, such as Solo, Duet, Squad, DTM and Normal Battle or Classic Battle Tournament.

Check the match date and time to make sure it is available to enter the contest.

You can view and recognize all the matches you offer by clicking “I” at the bottom of the main screen.

Blitzplay eSports Tournament

There are many tabs in this section to show your stats and best players, and you can also choose the results of the matches taken and analyzed.


Get inequality in matches and tournaments. You will win the Blitzcoins Prize that you can immediately recover.

Join Blitzplay You can get extra prizes with your friends and get a recommendation bonus for you and your friends.

You can
Get extra bonus by purchasing ads every day.
Participate in the Lucky Lucky Draw and win fantastic prizes.
Buy Online Online Gaming Products (Coming Soon)
Issues Contact Live in-App support for any issues.

Join the eSports community and enjoy competitive games every day!

Social Media Player

Welcome to the world of gamers who come to show you!


Place eSports offers the opportunity to choose yourself well in games like PUBG, PUBG MOBILE, CS:

Blitzplay eSports Tournament

GO and FORTNITE. Share your best videos and awards
Tell you the competition stats and final data. Also, you can see the DUO from Place again for a better gaming experience.

What can you do from the place;

Find D DUO,
Message personal message,
Player personal player profiles, cards and figures,
L Analyze, share and compare your LOL game,
Filter your table according to Games Games,

Tournaments, tournaments and tracks,
Meet and play with Broadcast broadcasters (Twitch and Dive), YouTubers, and professional eSports players.

You can also buy special stickers from the Place Sticker market and become a virtual gossip. Create stickers directly with the sticker market for lol, pub, pub mobile and fortnight games.

Special stickers for the following League of Legends champions;
Caitlin, Split, Ezriel, Silas, Irelia, Thresh, Kassisa, Wayne, Lee Chin, Vladimir, Lulu, Lux, Nami and Yasuo.

Special stickers for pubs and pub mobiles;
Drop, Hunter Hunter, Car 98, Scorsese, Vector, M416, VSS, AKM (AK47), Helmet, Brake and Pan.

Special stickers for Fortnight;
Bunnyhead, code name Elf, Fairy Tales, Fallen Angels, Fallen Love Ranger, Fordwok, Green Hat, Love Ranger, Crane, Shark and Tomato Head.

We now call the best players Blazers. Don’t be a monster, be a blazer!

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