Free Diamonds And Elite Pass App Download

Welcome to the Free Diamonds and Elite Pass app free.

Diamond and Elite Pass Free is an original app in which users are paid from the app,

Diamond & Elite Free Utility Pass Good This app offers free diamond and elite passes,

Free diamond application,

Application Functions: –

Earn elite passes
2. Letter of opportunity
About luck
4) Bonus Extras6
5. Rotate and hit
Outlook. Tracking success.

Do not worry; None of your game IDs / accounts will be blocked. This is the official and legal exchange rate,

How can I change the currency of your game?

1. Raise and earn money through random card offers, lucky envelopes, extra bonuses, cash orders

2. Repair: –

Go to the profile page
Click Reset
Enter your free shot ID
IN Select an INR and click Reset successfully.

Does currency provide sports currency applications?

Free diamonds.
Free Elite Pass.

This application does not provide any scam or fraud method to hack games.
We will change the meaning of the game from the official website.

Keep all copies and all rights of the respective owners of the game.

Neither Google nor any gaming company has endorsed the sponsorship of this app.

New app to get free diamonds and free elite passes with your phone.

Most people compete to be the best in the game because they are so interested in games that require free fire and intense competition.

Therefore, users will need useful products to be the best player or the best team.

A good item increases the chances of winning a free fire. Users must use Free fire Diamond to get these items.

You can buy weapons, pets, masks and stuff at the Freef Diamond Store. You can join Lucky Royal and Diamond Spin.


Get free diamonds
Complete some assignments, presentations and surveys to earn points.
Turn diamonds and gold into coins.
There are many diamond collections.
Daily turning and wheel turning.
Invite your friends.

How are points earned?

Register or sign in to your account.
Select the task on the home screen.
Read the job description and submit if interested.

Complete assignments, presentations and studies to earn points.
Check it out every day, spin the wheel and invite your friends over for extra points.

Current Reward App Install

How can I change your diamond.If you have enough points.

Invite friends and win Money install

Choose your diamond set.
Enter your free Fire ID and player name.
Do not forget to estimate the time of the relationship 5.


Once approved, the item will be added to your Free Fire account.

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