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Lightweight and powerful video editor

Kinmaster is a full video editor for Android. Movie Maker has easy-to-use tools like Multi-Level Video, Compound Mode, Sound Perception, Chrome Keys, Motion Control, Transitions, Subtitles, Special Effects and more!

Learn why creators like YouTube, TechTalk and Gainmaster use Instagram, and why editors, editors, marketers and professionals use it! Download the Kinemaster app to create, edit and share great videos!


Layers are multi-layered videos, photos, stickers, special effects, text and signatures.
Improve your videotape
Combine the mode to create unusual and beautiful effects
Add sound, background music, voice converter and sound effects
Video editing tools for cutting and combining video
The store offers real-time music, clip art, line art, posters, transitions and more to update weekly music videos.
Controlling speed to defer time and heavy gravity effects
Evaluate the EQ preset for deep sound, ducks and hard plugs
Basic configuration animation tool for adding animation in layers
30 kph F4K 2160p video output
Video Use different color filters to split your video

Share YouTube on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and more
• Many, many features, options and settings!

Kinemaster is free to use, but video and premium assets are watermarks and some tools are not available. Waterline eliminates the monthly or annual subscription to Gainmaster Premium, unlocks all editing tools and downloads all materials from Kinemaster Real Estate. Kenmaster Premium can be ordered from the app. Your Kinemaster Premium membership will be automatically renewed if you do not cancel Google Play.

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Ginemaster Video is a great video editor and video producer application with all video editing features: video and music editing, video editing, video embedding, video embedding, adding music to long video scripts and more. Cainmaster software can convert, edit, and share music and videos on YouTube, TechTalk and Instagram.

Best Video Editor App
Best Android Video Editor Editor of Kinemaster EasyGates managed by Android System Blockers
Android is officially called the Best Kinemaster Key Video Editor, Video Creator App. ”
Cinema Master is a fun filmmaker with a wide range of features – a custom master movie maker with music will never turn you into a professional creative and video editor! Said Dakar.

Audio-Video Creator
– The best video producer and free video editor, including video songs, music, pictures and text.
– Tech Tech is a video producer in Tegan with his camera, song, music and lyrics.
– Professional video and music producers including songs and effects. Make simple photo videos with songs.

Video editing software
– Offers many video editing features such as cropping, cropping, merging, copying, pasting and more.
– Edit related videos, edit music videos, add videos and expand videos. Free video editing application.
– Multiple video processing effects: Fixes, video error effects. Free use of video editing and video editing with music, pictures and text.

Ghost Gream Reaper vedio 

Video Maker App
– Create interactive videos, edit music, edit photos and videos, add videos. Video Editor with transition effect
– Combine videos to create videos, edit videos with music and photos, and add videos to videos. Video is a free video product.

Video conferencing applications
– Attach music videos, edit music videos with photos, add videos to your videos. Wave for video.
– Mix videos and create videos to edit music videos and photos. Free video link and editor.

Include text in your video
– Video commentary with stars and styles.

Download App

– Add video titles and edit video titles.
– Add text and sound editing effects to your videos and photos.

Impressive video editor
– Video Pro Effects Editor: Error Effects, Transition Effects …

– Best Music Video and Effect Creator, Professional Director of Special Effects.

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